"I believe each of us is called to be an agent of change. I encourage you to answer this call. Together, we can truly make a difference in the world"!    


                                                 JOHN PAGE BURTON


Wisdom Through Failure, Guiding Principles for Life and Business, is a must read for anyone who desires to make peace with the concept of failure. In Wisdom Through Failure, John encourages us to embrace the role failure plays in our ultimate success. Wisdom Through Failure offers the reader a wealth of concepts and strategies that are certain to enhance your personal and professional relationships. True wisdom is gained when we learn to embrace failure. Wisdom Through Failure gives you permission to FAIL FORWARD! 




Knowing Sh#t From Shinola, Conquering Life One Breakthrough At A Time, is a must read for anyone who truly desires to live life on their terms. Lets face it, life often shows up when we are making other plans and therefore we must learn to rely on and trust our inner voice. The past should serve as a reference point, not a permanent resting place. We have all made mistakes and experienced failure, however, true happiness can only be attained if we choose to live authentically. Remember, we all conquer life the same way...ONE BREAKTHROUGH AT A TIME!




Inspirational speakers and writers are many, but only a few know how to reach the heart of someone seeking guidance in the dilemma of life. This is what makes John popular with all ages. Like a priest in a confessional, John has heard it all, however, his thoughtful solutions are tailored to each individual who seeks his counsel. Wisdom Through Failure is a shining example of John's commitment to making our world a better place.

Judy T.

Author, Publisher

John writes in a manner that is thought provoking, heartfelt and most importantly, easy to understand. Like so many of us, I have struggled with fear, self doubt and a false belief about perfection. Knowing Sh#t From Shinola reminded me to accept that I AM good enough, I AM smart enough and that I have a divine purpose to fulfill. In short, I matter!

Claudia B.




For years, I held myself hostage to my self doubts and fear of failure. John's books have helped me realize I am not alone. I am one of millions of people who have experienced the same challenges and feelings. Yes, there is comfort in numbers! John writes in a very honest, thoughtful manner and breaks down complex emotional issues in a way that makes them much easier to understand and most importantly move away from.


Teresa B. 


John's books are an amazing addition to any bathroom! Think of it as 10 minutes a day that will absolutely change your life!

Steve M.


I recommend adding John's books to your book club reading list. Great content leads to great dialogue! You will enjoy both!

Whitney S.

Business Owner

Far too many personal development books promote a "magic bullet" or a "secret formula" that will somehow miraculously change our lives. John's books encourage personal responsibility. He teaches that our outcomes are based solely on our decisions and choices. He gives us a road map and then encourages us to chart our own course. John is truly about empowerment!

Kevin B.

Law Enforcement

Thank you for the insight and inspiration. I plan to have every dog in the neighborhood chasing my car! Great stuff!

Jackie P.


Your book came today. I started reading it and kept finding myself smiling or crying. So many of the things I have struggled with for years seem so inconsequential in the big scheme. Your chapter on embracing mistakes really hit home. I just ordered Wisdom Through Failure.

Ashley L.

Nurse Practitioner