Transforming Lives, One Breakthrough At A Time...

John Page Burton is transforming lives one BREAKTHROUGH at a time. He is a highly regarded, master problem solver who has helped thousands of people achieve exceptional results in life and business. John has enjoyed a successful career as an entrepreneur, author, facilitator and coach. He studied Human Needs Psychology under his longtime mentor Anthony Robbins and world renowned family therapist Chloe Madanes at The Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. John also holds a Certificate of Specialization (Penn) in the field of Positive Psychology. John's coaching practice is focused on life and career coaching. 

What is Life & Career Coaching?


Every successful person I know employs a coach! A good coach will hold us accountable as we move toward our goals and objectives. A GREAT coach will change our lives forever! John Page Burton is a GREAT coach!


Jack P.

Seattle, WA. 

I have enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry. Over the years I have had the opportunity to play many unique and challenging roles. The hardest role I ever played was the role of being me. A friend recommended John and we began our journey together. With his help, my personal relationships have taken on a deeper meaning, my marriage is off the charts and most importantly, I have developed an authentic relationship with myself. John is not only my coach, he is one of my most trusted advisers. If you have a chance to work with John, JUMP ON IT!

Eric R.

Santa Monica, CA.

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